Youth Agribusiness Incubator

Identifying , Creating opportunities and promoting youth engagement in to Agribusiness 

Youth Agribusiness Incubator (YABI) was setup to tackle youth economic vulnerability in Cameroon and for the training, coaching and formalization of young boys’ and girls’ startups in different agricultural sectors. This incubation is also intended to provide an effective response against illegal emigration of young people to Europe and to curb youth unemployment through motivation into agribusiness.


YABI has as main activities to train youth in the various agricultural and livestock sectors including horticulture, piggery, mushroom, snail, fish farming, poultry farming and the use of renewable energies for good environmental preservation. These trained young people will be supported towards autonomy through agricultural entrepreneurship thanks to the resources generated during their incubation.


With YABI young people will be trained and supported in the start-up of their startups after incubation. The resources generated by the incubator will allow the economic integration of the young people incubated and the enrollment each year of a new cohort of young people to start their training before their turn to be supported in agricultural entrepreneurship. This will be an effective response to youth illegal emigration and employment problems which accentuate their poverty and radical activities.


Photos from a free youth empowerment workshop on Smart Agriculture