The UAC-RUFS is operated as an incubation model that sets up farms as a practical skill acquisition farms, while leveraging on the sales of the farm produce as equity fund to empower the trainees to start up their own on-farm and off-farm ventures.

The trainees remain under the mentorship of UAC to ensure success. The UAC RUFs is designed to set up farms across critical value chains such as maize, chickens, Snailry, vegetables, Cassava, Sorghum, Oil Palm, and Cocoa under the YOCAP and is focus at rural areas in an effort to revive rural economy and reduce Rural-Urban Migration by making Agriculture works for Rural Youths as Business.

UAC Rural Farm School model of the organization is particularly designed to address two key challenges facing most young people venturing into Agriculture: i.e Lack of appropriate skills for successful Agribusiness and lack of start-up capital. Most youths have the interest in Agriculture but lack the knowledge of how best to do it and eventually got more frustrated by lack of startup capital. UAC RUFs addresses these key challenges by making the farm a school to acquire practical farming skills ‘i.e. learning by doing and we use the proceed from the sales of the farm produce as equity fund to empower the trainees to set up their own enterprise. All the UAC -RUFS trainees are formed into UAC Farmers’ Cooperative and we are committed to exploring every legally possible avenue to get them empowered. UAC is also appealing to other individuals and relevant organizations to come to our aid to deepen the empowerment scheme.

The time for hand-outs has passed and investment by the youths in their future signals the sustainable means of job creations. We cannot continue to wait for government to create all the jobs we need, youths cannot continue to remain on the street of jobless as graduates of an un productive education system.

How can I become part of this project ?

We believe we all are solutions to each other,  You can become part of this project on any of the following areas 

  1.  Skills :  You can share your skills by building the capacity of local volunteers, You can carry out your training online via zoom call or visit our organization for one on one training sessions.  We look forward connecting with anyone interested
  2. Resource Mobilization : Lack of farm tools is a major problem,  Hundreds of youths cannot meetup with their agriculture ventures due to lack of capital to by tools needed. Volunteers can engage in mobilizing used farm tools or other resources to assist young farmers in remote communities across our region. Bellow you would find our complete post address for any Post. Thanks so much for helping.
  3. Friendship : You can become part of our friendship zone, We can share ideas, Learn from each other.

Our Post Address : United Action For Children, South West Region, Buea, P.0 BOX 363 Buea

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