As a team we believe so much in the power of working together, We also believe we are solutions to each other. We came up with a global call for volunteers to connect with people from across the globe in identifying, shearing ideas, learning from each other and developing lasting solutions.  Global call for Volunteers is divided by the following:

  • Skills Development :   If you are looking for an opportunity to connect with youths from remote communities across our country in sharing ideas, learning from each other, You can become part of this amazing program, You can help in building youth capacity. For more info, click Mail
  • Help a youth : Hundreds of talented youths in Cameroon, Some unable to express their skills due to lack of tools or finance to get the tools needed, In other to assist youths with tools, We came up with this help program with the aim of connecting with people like u to Mobilize used items such  as tech tools or farm related tools.

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