Beyond Classroom Project

Cameroon and African Youths at large perceive Agriculture as a primitive vocation meant for the uneducated rural peasant engulfed in a vicious cycle of poverty and not what a young person should practice.

Youths shun away from this hidden gold mine because of the drudgery involved largely due to the use of primitive implements like hoes and cutlass, poor processing medium, poor market value of Agro-products and lack of guaranteed competitive markets for such a time consuming, energy sapping, old age catalyzing operations as farming hence the preference for not readily available white collar jobs.

Due to these highlighted challenges, farming has been abandoned and left to be carried out by aged and aging peasant whose best arsenals and armament are hand hoes and cutlass.

The result is the huge amount of franc cfa sunk into food importation to feed Cameroonians in a country with 60-70% of its population actively engaged in Agriculture yet spent an estimated millions of francs on food importation annually (with rice, wheat, fish, sugar toping the last while youth unemployment keep rising at an alarming rate while only 45% of the arable lands are cultivated and the potentials of the country remained untapped.

UAC Changing Mindset project  recognizes that  Cameroon, a blessed country, has the capacity to produce most of the crops that are currently being imported and thus, carries an indebt re-orientation programme designed to change the mindset and attitude of young people towards farming while show casing investment windows for young people.

The project is designed to educate, correct, encourage, inspire and motivate young people to take up agriculture as business and not a developmental project.