Community Sports 4 Development 

Currently UAC is a member of the Streetfootballworld Network in Berlin, Germany and is running a Community Sports for Development Programme. Under this programme, UAC uses the power of football to mobilize children and young people channel their energy towards productive initiatives and to remove them from the streets and place in schools/training centres and make them become responsible citizens in their respective communities.  It is dedicated to using football and the power of play to inspire, empower/protect and transform the lives of children affected by extreme poverty, natural disasters and armed conflict.

The activities of this programme include football tournaments (inter village competitions), Cleanup campaigns by children and youths in communities, Cooperative activities, Thematic discussions on issues affecting their growth and development, container farming, HIV/AIDS issues and Job shadowing. Through this programme, the World Football Federation (FIFA) has constructed a Football for Hope Centre in Cameroon and UAC was chosen as host to the centre.

  After the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, as a legacy, FIFA decided to construct twenty of these centres in Africa-see FIFA website for more. So far over 35,000 children and young people have been reached since the inception of the Community Sports for Development Programme in 2002. UAC uses the power of football to recruit participants into its other programmes.