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Restore Smiles to Many

Hundreds of youths walking the streets unemployed  as a result of lack of Jobs, Some with great skills but lack tools or finance to enable them get the right tools to enable them kick start micro businesses of their own. Hundreds of children not going to school as a result of lack of finance or someone to sponsor them. A lot of families living in very poor situations across our region. Our help program is divided by the following:

  1.    Friendship Circle : As an organization we believe in the power of sharing, learning and developing amazing solutions together, We want to connect and build an amazing network of friends to share ideas, develop amazing ideas with the aim of creating a sustainable world: Join our network and discover amazing things :
  2. Resource Mobilization : For the past years, With the help of our international partners, We have been able to donate tools and several in-kind donations to youths across our region, We are calling upon anyone who wish to donate used items, it would help restore hope to many youths, It would help expand our help activities in remote communities
  3. Sponsor a child :  Feel free to join our sponsorship program, You can help a child go to school,  Feel free to donate any amount, it would restore smiles or give a good future to a child, Send message via


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