Identifying and providing assistance to children in need

The School on Wheels programme is an innovative programme which aims at taking basic education to children in rural areas who do not have the opportunity of attending school either because there is no school in their neighbourhood or they do not have means to acquire their school needs (books, schoolbags, uniforms, stationery) if there is a school in their community. In either situation they stay at home. These children are therefore robbed of the opportunity to attend school like other children. They therefore constitute a potential group of illiterates in our communities if no action is taken. In a bid to reduce the number of illiterate persons in some rural and urban areas, UAC decided to start the School on Wheels programme which involves a bus carrying teachers and pedagogic materials to rural communities or slums in urban areas to teach and work with children or help those who are backward in their school work, all in a bid to promote the holistic development of children . So far the progromme has reached over 8000 kids.

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