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With the help of past and current International Volunteers working at with UAC, we offer sponsorship to orphans and internally displaced children attending our schools including school uniforms, fees, materials, stationeries, school bags and other related tools for their schooling. We are already reaching 750 kids.

The Remedial Reading Programme is to enable pupils who are attending our schools  and who have difficulties in reading and writing to improve on their reading skills. Since UAC admits children from all socio-economic backgrounds into the schools to enable them have access to quality education, there are some children who really have great difficulties in reading. In order to help solve this problem UAC came up with Remedial Reading Programme. So far we have  assisted 1570 kids.

In-kind donation

You can donate used items such as Books, Dresses, shoes or any used item would put smiles or restore hope to many children in need located in remote communities. Through the help of some of our international partners and volunteers, We have been able donate thousands of books and dresses. For any donation, Feel free to use our post box ( United Action for Children Cameroon, P. Box 363 Buea, South west region

Gift Cash

Thousands of children across our communities living in poor conditions , Some unable access 3 square meals a day, some not going to school due to lack of sponsors , This issues motivated us to come up with our Gift Cash program with the aim of mobilizing funds to assist families located in remote communities across the South West region, Your help would safe a family, Join us and lets make impact together

Youth Micro Capital Fund raise

From our finds to understand why most talented youths end up not following their dreams or some start and end up at a particular point is as a result of lack of finance to by tools needed.  From our last community survey to check, we discovered 200 tech youths with brilliant solutions but lack tools such as good computers to help facilitate development. Your used laptop or computer would help a youth. Join us

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