Grooming Little Minds For a Big Future 

Jamadianle is a body of like-minded individuals with an interest in making Cameroon succeeds through education. We aim to empower the future generation with curiosity and a love of learning by ensuring education equality on the belief that this is the foundation for a stronger society.

Educational success extends beyond school hours, and school walls. We see the need for a major drive to engage parents and upskill them in order for them to better support the individual child. By offering solutions to the families of learners we aim to drive a shift in the community that drives hope and empowerment. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and we cannot disrupt the Early Childhood Development process without addressing the supporting structures, the main one being the child’s parents, as role models and leaders of these young children.

Our Why

We believe that community-led change can happen through creating interdependent, contributing, responsible adults by equipping every child with employable skills at an early age.

Our Mission

To empower an ecosystem of quality education for the holistic development of the child, bridging the gap between marginalised and privileged communities.

Our Values

-Community -Education -Integrity -Impact -Peace

Our Vision

A Cameroon where all children have equal opportunities to quality foundation education. We are excited to open up a true enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning, generating hope and creating possibilities and opportunities for their futures.